optimize your
service and increase customers security

manage your store flow with online appointments,
management and store capacity

Control your store capacity increasing customers security

Queue management to optimize in-store services

Integrates online appointment and mobile Speed Line solution

Manage your store staff and schedule when to optimize it

Increase social distancing with real time store flow

Keep your customers informed with digital signage integration

bewin safe & service is part of econocomretail services

analytics counter

This device allows you to control the store flow and store capacity in real time. 3D measurement system with more than 98% accuracy and wide angle of vision

bewin stats

bewin stats is a complete dashboard with real time data

bewin alerts

Customize your alerts through bewin´s stats or directly on your smartphone with bewin alerts (email, SMS…)

digital signage Integration

Integrates your digital signage with bewin´s API.

This API allows you to show the store capacity in digital screens.
bewin is already integrated with econocom CMS and allows any CMS integration



During this situation is critical to communicate the store capacity and manage customers expectations
Through digital signage you can integrate the flow and store capacity data with digital contents while customers are waiting in the entrance
econocom offers you management and content creation services

bewin single Queue

bewin is integrated with our Single Queue solution to manage your in-store queues in the right way.
This solution is also integrated with digital signage to send specific messages (text, video, image) to your customers while they are waiting in line.


queue management and appointment integration

bewin is a queue management solution with intelligent modules. Traditional queue management requires digital screens and kiosk to dispense a digital or physical shift.
bewin speed line allows you to manage customer appointments throught smartphones and check the shift evolution in real time

key benefits:



42-46 Rue Médéric
92110 Clichy
+33 1 41 67 30 00


42-46 Rue Médéric

92110 Clichy

+33 1 41 67 30 00