the best from on-line
and off-line world,
in a unique solution

econocomretail solution for the market

The retail sector is experimenting one of the most important changes of the last 100 years. Digitalization is not only about business models organizations, it’s also about users and the way they interact and buy.

Econocom Group launches econocomretail, a unique solution with an innovative solution at the point of sale provided by Gigigo, Altabox and our Products & Solutions Activity.

This solution is designed to improve the user experience and build customer loyalty with the brand.

A 360º solution to be with your clients before, during and after the purchase process, whether it is FAR, CLOSE OR INSIDE at the point of sale.

when your client is FAR

mobile app

New communications channels


Adapt the traditional ways to the most innovative technologies


Analysis of the geographic variables that affect purchasing decisions

when your client is CLOSE


Content management and music setting

digital signage

Location of different screens, flagships, videowalls…


Execution actions depending on where the user is

when your client is INSIDE


User experience measurement and analysis in the store


With the user to improve engagement and increase sales


Attracting the customer’s attention

econocomretail, two strategies

new and more complete communication channels with users

model stores

econocomretail is a solution


Specialized and retailer experts


Customers References


Coverage of all the channels to reach audience


Thanks to the Financial Services of Econocom Group

Global Presence
in 18 countries

"Experience, omnichannel & frictionless store"
It’s NOT just on-line & off-line…
We need to focus on consumer experiences throughout their customer journey within the brand.

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42-46 Rue Médéric 92110 Clichy
+33 1 41 67 30 00


42-46 Rue Médéric

92110 Clichy

+33 1 41 67 30 00​