The innovation and digital solutions of tomorrow are available at showroomeconoocom, a technological space capable of bringing you the latest and disruptive solutions for retail and hospitality.

Discover, through practical digital solutions, how to ensure safety and healthy solutions to your clients. Do not hesitate to contact us and begin your retail experience.

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The econocomshowroom is a multimedia space where you
can test the latest technological solutions for your business.
Create a unique experience for your clients with the advice
of the best digital experts. 

identification solution econocomretail

At econocomretail

we take advantage of facial analytics technology for identification and personalization in the communication processes

processes optimization econocomretail

The scope of digital transformation allows us to simplify countless processes.

At econocomretail we believe that agility improves customer experience

phygital interaction econocomretail

The solutions that we implement at econocomretail are aimed to improve the analog and digital user experience.

At econocomretail we believe that agility is needed for customer experience

hubRoom TV econocomretail

A solution developed by econocomretail

HubRoom TV give an answer to hotel needs in Smart TV solutions

hubRoom Control econocomretail

HubRoom Control is a suite of solutions that allows you to
control your room

Enjoy hotel services with just a click with HubRoom TV.
A solution that provides all that you need in Smart TV for the hotel

collaboration spaces econocomretail

At econocomretail we automate the control of your spaces optimizing and building the user experience according to your needs

emotional experience econocomretail

At econocomretail we implement solutions that activate all your senses

energy efficiency econocomretail

At econocomretail we implement our comprehensive Smart Efficiency solution for energy efficiency and projects control

connect your business econocomretail

At econocomretail we create communication channels with your company groups

Stay connected wherever you are

autocheck in econocomretail

The digital transformaton has risen to more client autonomy

At econocomretail, we implement autocheckin solutions that will allow you to improve your customer’s experience before, during and after

attraction and loyalty econocomretail

At econocomretail we develop customized loyalty programs to improve user experience before, during and after

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42-46 Rue Médéric

92110 Clichy

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